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Post Workout Meals


People engage themselves in workout exercises for different reasons. Some people practice for losing fats, muscle-building, and others for fun. Your post workout diet matters a lot. The body stores proteins and glycogen in the muscles. The nutrients consumed and the glycogen stored are burned or utilized by the body during the workout exercise.

This means that the fibre in the muscles starts to break down. There is also a significant drop in the body muscle since the stored glycogen is converted to energy. Your body need to replenish and refuel itself after the workout exercise. The best foods required after the workout exercise includes complex vitamins, carbohydrates, antioxidants, and proteins. These can easily be obtained from full meals.

Here are the best post-workout meals that you should consume

Butter Almond and Pomegranate quesadillaseed

These are the easiest and quickest post-workout meals that can be taken at any time of the day. They are loaded with bananas which have high potassium content and proteins. They can replenish your energy within a few minutes. You are also recommended to use grain free tortilla brand and whole grains for these.

Caribbean salad

This is a colorful salad which is combined with homemade orange vinaigrette. Additionally, it is brimmed with grilled chicken, veggies and fresh fruits. It is preferred for the hot summer nights. This recipe should be prepared in advance before the workout exercise. You can also add either coconut sugar mango.

Black beans, cheese, and corned sweet potatoes

A stuffed sweet potato is good for you. It is perfect for dinner after the workout exercise. The corn salsa and the black beans are added after the potatoes are zapped in a microwave. Topping with cheese is then done. Several potatoes can be roasted in the oven at once when you are cooking for many people.

Chipotle black beans burger

You cannot afford to misfoods this meat in hearty bean burger. The black beans are loaded with proteins. Almonds can also be added to improve its texture. It is also loaded with healthy fats. You can top it with greens, flesh limes, and avocado slices. This post –workout meal is suited for both dinner and lunch.


Chocolate chia Drink

This is a chia-based chocolate drink which helps in replenishing your body after the workout exercise. It contains hemp and flaxseeds which help in increasing the fat and fiber content. It also contains almond butter and bananas for boosting the protein and potassium content respectively.

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