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Signs to Know You Are Addicted

Many people develop a liking for things which cause them more harm than good. One can be addicted to drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, video games or even shopping. In many cases, you will hear talks and read materials encouraging addicted people to seek medical help. What many people do not know is that the situation can be prevented from worsening. You need to understand the signs and symptoms of addiction and take action ASAP. Some of the symptoms of addiction could be:

  1. syringe, drugsContinuing addiction despite the adverse effects. When addiction kicks in, one tends to ignore all the red flags and continue with the substance. This happens regardless of the harmful effects the habit has on their health, job or relationships.
  2. Isolating yourself from social events. The addict becomes so attached to the substance such that they stop attending social gatherings and events. They tend to think that timeout eats on their time with their substance.
  3. Withdrawal symptoms. When a patient tries to quit an addiction, they might suffer severe withdrawal symptoms. The body is used to the substance such that its absence gives it a lot of distress. Withdrawal symptoms can be both physical and emotional, and sometimes they turn out life-threatening.
  4. Keeping it a secret. Many people hide addiction by keeping it a secret. They fear what other people will say and think about them.
  5. Increased tolerance. When addiction develops, the body gets used to it with time. For the body to get the same high, more of the substance is needed. This is what leads to tolerance. Addiction can take over one’s body and mind completely.
  6. Inability to stop. As already mentioned, addiction can take over one’s mind and body and overpower it. Despite the best intentions, the person cannot stop. No matter how hard they try, they end up losing to the drug.
  7. alcohol, cigerTaking risks. Addicted brain turns out great risk takers. One might make crazy decisions under the influence of their substance. For example, they might steal, drive under the influence, get abusive, pick up fights or engage in unsafe sexual practices.
  8. Making excuses. When an individual develops an addiction, their life becomes a series of lies and excuses. When people around them express concern, they resort to all ways and means to shut them up and prove them wrong. They always have an idea of shutting people out of their world.
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