Top Foods Rich In Calcium


Calcium is a mineral which is found in abundance in your body. 99% of this mineral is stored in the teeth and bone. It forms the structural compounds of the bones and teeth. Most people do not take foods rich in calcium. This mineral is stored in the form of bone calcium and is then released into your bloodstream whenever it is needed. Calcium is needed for the formation and maintenance of healthy bones. It is also essential for hormonal secretion, blood clotting, muscle contraction and achieving an optimal nerve transmission. Blood calcium needs to be controlled since it plays a crucial role in the balancing of the body’s pH. Calcium is borrowed from bones when it is required by the body in carrying out various processes.detal care

Deficiency of calcium in the body results in the following symptoms.

  • Muscle tension
  • Tooth decay
  • Osteoporosis or Osteopenia
  • High blood pressure

The body needs vitamin D, magnesium, and vitamin K to absorb calcium. Complex food supplements and Food sources are therefore required for supplying calcium in the body instead of just taking the isolated calcium supplements.
These are the best foods which are rich in calcium

  • Raw milk, kales, yogurt or kefir
  • Broccoli, sardines, cheese, okra, almonds
  • Bok choy, almonds, and watercress

In general, calcium is found in high amounts in green vegetables and raw dairy.

Here are the health benefits of calcium

Bone formation

This mineral is crucial for young children and teens for the formation of solid bones. It also helps in increasing the mass of the bones. Lack of calcium leads to the formation of weak bones which can break easily.

Cancer prevention

Research has reveaCancer preventionled that consumption of calcium-rich foods decreases the risks of rectal and colon cancers. Both calcium foods and calcium supplements have a similar effect when it comes to the prevention of cancer. However, you are advised to take calcium foods instead of the supplements since these supplements are linked with heart attacks.

Weight management

There is a relationship between your body weight and the calcium intake. Calcium helps in binding of fats in the digestive system thus preventing the absorption of fat. This, in turn, lowers the calories in your body. Lowering the absorption of fats also helps in reducing the risks of cardiovascular diseases.

Maintenance of heart health and regulation of blood pressure

Calcium rich foods contribute to the relaxation of the smooth muscle which is found in the arteries and veins. This helps in reducing hypertension.

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